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Forge meaningful connections and secure the funding needed for your startup’s growth with our “Connect with Investors” service. Leveraging our extensive network, we facilitate introductions between startups and Venture Capital investors, propelling your business to new heights. Your pitch deck will also be featured in our investor newsletter, ensuring recognition as an innovator in our VC network.

How We Facilitate Connections:


Extensive Network: Benefit from our vast network of Venture Capital investors. We strategically connect startups with investors who align with their goals, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.


Pitch Deck Exposure: Amplify your visibility in the investment landscape. We feature your pitch deck in our investor newsletter, showcasing your innovation and attracting the attention of potential investors.

Why Investor Connections Matter:

Access to funding is a catalyst for growth. Our service not only links you with investors but also elevates your visibility, increasing your chances of securing the funding necessary for your startup’s success.
If you want to get connected with our investors, talk to us on WhatsApp and send your pitch deck there at
+381 64 101 5514

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Premium Service providers:

SmartCat is a service-based company specializing in delivering comprehensive data solutions. With eight years of experience, and a main product partner for Unicorns from Silicon Valley SmartCat is here to accelerate your AI and ML development.

A2F stands for Access to Funding - they help high-growth startups achieve innovation and development funding from Public and Private sources in EMEA, like Horizon projects, EIC funding, etc.

Omnius is a SaaS Content Marketing and SEO agency, specializing in working with scaleups across Europe and US, amassing clients like Glorify, Payoneer, DataBox, and others.

About us

The Furtherance team consists of seasoned professionals in the startup and IT ecosystem.
Started in 2021, with clients from the Balkans and Europe.
Worked with more than 30+ startups on sales and fundraising activities, and more than 15 different SME’s and software development companies from Balkans and Europe. Helped accelerate their sales, find new clients and consolidate their sales and marketing processes.