Furtherance helps you find the right partner, client or investor to go further in your business

Startups, Scaleups and SME’s face a lot of challenges when it comes to growing their company. From finding an investment, to acquiring new clients and partners, there are many hurdles they need to overcome. That is why they choose our help on that Journey.

How it works

Free Consultation


You get a free consultation with one of our experts. Here we look to understand your exact business challenges and offer advice on how we or someone else can help out. You might need a fractional sales lead, a remote sales team, or just guidance on how to do it yourself.

Understanding the Situation


After we figure out what the challenges are, we have 1 or 2 more sessions with you to exactly pinpoint what services we will do, how much it will cost, and for long we will work on it.

Work With Us or Our Partners


Based on your situation, we see if it makes sense to work with us or our Partners.

We identify service providers that align with your specific business requirements, and you get connected with 1-3 partners. Check out our premium service providers page.

Do you want to be our next success story?

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Hire a Fractional Sales Lead

In 6-12 months, we help you with crafting sales strategies, organizing teams, and structuring sales and marketing processes to drive sustainable growth. Best for Founders who still don’t have that senior sales guy on board to take sales to the next level.

Implement Hubspot

We specialize in migrating data from existing CRMs to HubSpot, and optimizing the HubSpot CRM to capture customer data effectively and streamline business processes. As HubSpot solution providers we can guide you on all things HubSpot.

Hire a Remote Sales team

We create a dedicated sales team for your needs and work collaboratively to identify and secure new clients, enhancing your sales efforts. We can also help with local sales support in the Balkan region and with Softlanding options in the Balkans.

Coaching and Mentoring

We help early-stage founders with sales and fundraising activities through various accelerator programs across Europe. Most notably we are mentors at EBRD Star Venture program, X2.0 Deep Tech, ReaktorX, Nordic Startup Ventures, Buildup Labs, and Startup Bootcamp.

Connect with Investors

Leveraging our extensive network, we facilitate meaningful connections between startups and Venture Capital investors, helping secure the funding needed for growth. We put your pitch deck in our investor newsletter to get recognized as an innovator in our VC network.

Connect with Service Providers

Beyond funding, we extend support by connecting startups with reliable service providers in areas such as HR, Marketing, and Software Development, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to their business needs.

What people say about us

The Furtherance team has truly shifted our vision, making our outbound campaigns more trustworthy and effective. Their expertise in targeting alternative prospect audiences and refining key elements such as communication, expectations, and compelling CTAs has been a game-changer for us.

The results speak volumes, showcasing an upwards of 20% response rate and plenty of meetings booked.

Mladen Mijatovic

CEO, Quantum Workflow

Agrovisio is a Turkish scaleup focused on the Agriculture sector. We started our collaboration with the Furtherance team through an accelerator program called X2.0.

After 5 months of working with them and scheduling great client meetings on the Italian and Serbian markets, we decided to partner up with them long-term and scale our business in the SEE.

Emre Tunali

CEO, Agrovisio

CyberLab is a DevOps and CloudOps solution provider. We had good traction with our client base but no real continuous sales efforts. 

Since I am a technical founder, I needed help with understanding the sales processes and strategy as well as implementation, and after the mentoring from the Furtherance team, I was able to set up my processes the right way and have stable customers coming in. 

Milan Gluhic

CEO, CyberLab

About us

The Furtherance team consists of seasoned professionals in the startup and IT ecosystem.
Started in 2021, with clients from the Balkans and Europe.
Worked with more than 30+ startups on sales and fundraising activities, and more than 15 different SME’s and software development companies from Balkans and Europe. Helped accelerate their sales, find new clients and consolidate their sales and marketing processes.